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Why choose the TASK SIDEWINDER Task Support Vehicle?

TASK Forklifts are renowned for innovation and efficient engineering and the new TASK unit is no exception.

The SIDEWINDER is an ideal solution for those looking to increase productivity in the warehouse. By removing the need for Ladders, Safety Steps & Stools; the SIDEWINDER task support vehicle can cut labor costs by half, turning 2 person jobs in to 1 whilst still complying with Australian and American safety standards.

The load capacity for the operator and extendable/ retractable parts rack can hold an impressive 880lbs far more than any persons could lift safely. Allowing an operator to lift more than 10x as much, in half the time, reducing worker fatigue, and increasing productivity.

The SIDEWINDER requires no forklift operator license, enabling all staff members to use the SIDEWINDER – making it one of the most practical and versatile units available in the market.

Possible uses include:

  • > Handling materials in stock rooms or parts warehouses

  • > Restocking retail outlets

  • > Assisting customers with hard to reach products

  • > A service tool for changing lights, A/C Units, Smoke detectors or other maintenance tasks

Possible industries

  • > Retail outlets

  • > Supermarkets

  • > Manufacturing plants

  • > Food and wine

  • > Distribution centers

  • > Office & Public Facilities

The Task SIDEWINDER features a zero turning circle - operated with an easy to use dual operation control system, has a maximum lift height of 165” and is ready for cold room operation.

The SIDEWINDER has passed multiple Australian and International stability tests including the ISO 22915.21 the Industrial order-picking truck, verification of stability standard. The SIDEWINDER has exception levels of stability and is widely regarded as having the best in class stability at elevated heights for work assist vehicles.

The battery in the SIDEWINDER is unlike any other task support vehicle currently in the market. Competitors use the smaller, less efficient twin battery pack, whereas the SIDEWINDER makes use of the compact industrial battery technology TASK use in our electric stackers to provide a longer, more powerful and more efficient battery life.

See the SIDEWINDER in demo now:

Contact your local TASK dealership or contact us directly to schedule a demo and find out more. +1 972-522-7610

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