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With electronic power steering operators of the TASK® VIPER® pedestrian reach stackers find them simple to operate and easy to use in tight spaces.

The VIPER® comes as standard with a tilting carriage, side-shift and pantographic reach . All the functions including lift and lower are controlled using Task’s VTC (Variable Total Control) module. This provides users with absolute control when operating the VIPER®.

1 Year manufacturer parts warranty-03.png
1 Year manufacturer parts warranty-02.png


The VIPER® includes a large industrial battery allowing operators multiple shift use before needing to be recharged. The chassis incorporates the latest Laser Lock technology, offering a lifetime
warranty on chassis.

Fork carriage is an integrated welded unit and fully rollered to ensure smooth, durable, long last performance.

Our ergonomically designed handles, allow users to operate the VIPER® using the forward and reverse butterfly control for precise manoeuvring and easy access of the lift/ lower functions for both left and right handed operators.


The Curtis® Programmable Control System with Multi-mode allows infinite control of all machine functions.

Authorized TASK® support technicians are able to adjust and optimize settings to meet environmental requirements or different operator skill levels.



// Impressive Capacities

The VIPER Reach stacker boasts an impressive rated capacity from 3300lbs to 4400lbs.

// Power Steering

The VIPER® comes standard with responsive electric power steering to reduce worker fatigue and make it easier for operators to use the stacker in tight areas. A tilt and side-shift function offers further functionality on uneven areas when unloading.

// Curtis Controller

The TASK VIPER Reach Stacker utilises the state-of-the-art American designed Curtis Controller.

// Safety First

The Emergency reverse button is a built-in safety feature on all TASK Forklift Stackers. It’s located to help prevent operator injuries and designed to reverse the direction of the truck when activated.

// Lift Heights

Available in lifting heights up to 177" Triplex Mast with full free lift.

// Power When You Need It

The VIPER® is supplied with a 290ah industrial battery with options to increase to 510ah - allowing operators multiple shift use before needing to recharge the unit, as well as a single-phase, 110v external charger.

// More Features

The VIPER comes standard with power steering, a tilting carriage and side-shift allowing operators to manoeuvre pallets and materials safely, and more efficiently.