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Entry-Level Stacker.

The TAIPAN® Straddle Stacker is our “entry level stacker”; designed with functionality, durability and toughness in mind. The steel truck chassis provides maximum protection
and industrial strength.

The TAIPAN® is available in Duplex Mast with a rated Capacity of 2200lbs.



The TAIPAN® is powered using 2 x 12V, 105AH Maintenance Free Batteries. The Maintenance Free batteries come sealed for life from the TASK® factory,
and do not require maintenance of water levels.

The most significant benefit of the sealed design is that no service attention is required, other than ensuring the battery is charged correctly.

Other Features of the TASK® TAIPAN® include a Key Lock Ignition which also incorporates the emergency power switch, and a full function control handle with forward / reverse travel, horn and lift/lower controls.



What is a StraddleStacker?

More Info

The Straddle Stacker is a great way to work in tight spaces and is far more versatile than the standard ride-on forklifts, making it an ideal unit for warehouse managers that are short on space.

Unlike forklifts, our straddle stackers are very compact. The TASK Taipan Pedestrian Straddle Stackers doesn’t require an area for the operator to sit down or operate complex controls; eliminating the need for extensive training and licenses.

All our Straddle Stackers are operated with one person standing behind the unit. Using our ergonomically designed handles, operators can easily maneuver the unit and use up and down lift controls to handle materials. This allows for one or multiple pallets to be easily moved in narrow racking where a ride-on forklift simply would not be able to fit.

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