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With electronic power steering operators of the TASK® VIPER® pedestrian reach stackers find them simple to operate and easy to use in tight spaces.

The VIPER® comes as standard with a tilting carriage, side-shift and pantographic reach . All the functions including lift and lower are controlled using Task’s VTC (Variable Total Control) module. This provides users with absolute control when operating the VIPER®.


Power & Control.

The VIPER® includes a large industrial battery allowing operators multiple shift use before needing to be recharged. The chassis incorporates the latest Laser Lock technology, offering a lifetime
warranty on chassis

Fork carriage is an integrated welded unit and fully rollered to ensure smooth, durable, long last performance.

Our ergonomically designed handles, allow users to operate the VIPER® using the forward and reverse butterfly control for precise maneuvering and easy access of the lift/ lower functions for both left and right handed operators.



The Curtis® Programmable Control System with Multi-mode allows infinite control of all machine functions.

Authorized TASK® support technicians are able to adjust and optimize settings to meet environmental requirements or different operator skill levels.




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The TASK VIPER 4D is designed with four-directional travel maneuverability, allowing operators to be smarter, more efficient and cause less damage to goods when handling larger loads.

The VIPER 4D’s revolving load wheels add a lateral axis of direction to the standard longitudinal (forward and reverse) movement - eliminating the need for wider aisles and right angle turns. This allows operators to travel side wards down narrower aisles with the same wide loads, increasing warehouse storage space efficiency.


TASK Viper In Action

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What is a ReachStacker?

More Info

The Walkie Reach Stacker is the ultimate addition to any warehouse. Based on a straddle stacker type design; reach stackers also incorporate a Reach function to allow operators to handle materials with more precision.

The exceptionally versatile TASK Viper Walkie Reach Stacker has a number of attributes that help maximize productivity, and increase efficiency in the warehouse. Firstly our Reach function utilises a pantographic mechanism which has remained unchanged over our 40 years of manufacturing. The heavy duty design of the pantograph reach mechanism combined with “matched” heavy duty tapered roller bearings and a single large reach cylinder are proven to be the strongest, and most reliable combination in the international market.

Our pedestrian Walkie Reach Stackers don’t require an area for the operator to sit down or operate complex controls; eliminating the need for extensive training and licenses.

Our Reach Walkie Stacker is operated with one person standing behind it. Using our ergonomically designed handles and control system, operators can easily maneuver the unit, and use up and down lift, tilt, reach and side-shift controls to handle materials.

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