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The LeglessStacker.

This Legless® Stacker is the ultimate stacker in accessibility and efficiency.

The compact size of the BOA® allows operators to use this type of electric stacker to work in exceptionally narrow aisles widths of as little as 8ft. Making the Boa 2000 far more maneuverable than any other comparable stacker in the market; without sacrificing capacity at lift heights.


Power & Control.

The TASK® BOA® uses an industrial battery, extending the operating usage time for longer between charges. The BOA® has also been designed with an in-built single phase charger, allowing operators to easily charge the unit from any standard single phase 110v wall socket.


The BOA® comes standard with responsive electric power steering to reduce worker fatigue and make it easier for operators to use the stacker in tight areas. A tilting carriage offers further functionality on uneven areas when unloading.

Our ergonomically designed handles, allow users to operate the BOA® using the forward and reverse butterfly control for precise maneuvering and easy access of the lift/ lower and tilt functions for both left and right handed operators.





Using the latest generation in American engineered controllers, authorized TASK® support technicians are able to adjust and optimize settings to meet environmental requirements or different operator skill levels.


What is a LeglessStacker?

The Legless Stacker name is trademarked by TASK, and is an innovative design, unique to the counter-balance forklift market. As the name suggests, the Legless Stacker, has no straddle legs. This allows operators to work in narrow spaces; without sacrificing lift capacity.


The BOA Legless Stacker can be used to lift a stillage, a pallet, a bench or practically anything you can think of as there are no “legs” to get in the way.


It has a far smaller footprint in the warehouse/ factory than a conventional counterbalance unit, making it the perfect choice for areas with tight racking and narrow aisles widths. The TASK BOA Legless Stackers doesn’t require an area for the operator to sit down or manage complex controls; eliminating the need for extensive training and licenses.

All our Legless Stackers are operated by one person standing behind the unit. Using our ergonomically designed handles and control system, operators can easily maneuver the unit and use up, down lift and tilting controls to handle materials. This allows for one or multiple pallets to be easily moved in narrow racking where conventional stackers would not be able to fit.

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